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how to open westpac bank accountIt’s a little sensation: Up to now you had to be personally on-site in Australia for being able to open an Australian bank-account. Quite often that was a big issue.
But now, for the first time, the account-opening is also possible from outside of Australia – online, easy and free of charge from your home!

Westpac Bank is offering this service especially for expatriats, students and long-term travelers, such as Working-Holiday makers. You can now open your Australian bank-account within a few minutes and free of charge. Once arrived, you can simply pick up your prepared banking-card in any Westpac branch (see examples below).

Advantages of your new Westpac Account:

  • Westpac offers more than 2800 free-of-charge-ATM’s all over Australia
  • The account is free for the first 12 months, afterwards it only costs a small fee
  • You also have the possibility to open a free savings-account with attractive interest rates
  • No minimum-life

The brand-new application-process from your home offers lots of advantages:

  • Once arrived in Australia, you don’t have to wait for a long time anymore, so your account is ready for use much faster.
  • Prior to arrival, you already get your account-number, which you can use from now on!
  • No Australian address needed for the application
  • You can transfer money to your bank-account even before you’ve arrived in Australia
  • The online-application-service is free of charge
  • Application is possible as early as 12 months prior to your departure

Tutorial: How to open the australian bank account


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Pick-up your card in Australia

Once arrived, you can simply go to a Westpac-branch of your choice, show your valid passport, and pick up your new Westpac-bank-card! Below you find a little selection of possible branches:

Sydney (275 George Street, 60 Martin Pl, Blacktown Main St, Parramatta, Hurstville, Kingsford), Melbourne (360 Collins Street, Monash University), Brisbane (115 Queen Street), Perth (109 Georges Terrace), Adelaide City, Cairns (Lake Street), Darwin City, Canberra (Petrie Plaza City), Hobart City and many more branches all over Australia…

NEW since 2021:

At this point there was previously a link to open this special Westpac Bank account. Due to the new data protection laws of the EU (which came into force), Westpac Bank has unfortunately finished this service because it could / did not want to comply with the new data protection requirements of the EU (this was said in a message to us).

It’s a shame that this great opportunity fell victim to data protection! But we will keep you up to date as soon as Westpac changes its decision and it should be possible again at some point.

Current alternative: the „Multi-currency account“
But we already have a replacement for you. And to be honest this is even the better solution in general! There is now an international „Multi-currency account“ which has both an Australian IBAN and another IBANs from any other country of the world. So you can use it in several “worlds”. It’s completely free and it even offers some advantages over the Westpac account. We have tested everything for you, and you can get this account for free here: Multi-currency account for Australia

How to open an account?

Open your account online is easy and free! Just start here (only around 5 minutes to fill the form)

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